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We understand financial data – Our products prove it

We are fortunate to work closely with long-established, experienced partners. Graz is in the very forefront of developing solutions for the financial industry. We provide a tried-and-trusted formula and a history of successful solution implementations.

Trusted by leading companies across the globe

The importance of products specifically developed for the financial industry cannot be overstated, as this allows our solutions to be implemented without an overload of consulting costs.

Our handpicked developers and project managers match our high expectations and out-of-the-box thinking to make sure the client gets the best end-result. Our greatest assets are the people we work with. Graz offers a stimulating work environment where we together discuss ideas, identify emerging trends and develop new exciting solutions for the financial industry.

With both expert domain experience and devotion to building flexible and modular products our team uses tried-and-tested processes to get our customers up and running in no time.

Community involvement

Graz is involved in a number of organizations at the international, national and local levels. Since 2011, Graz has donated funds for various community initiatives. The majority of these donations have gone to BRIS and Centrum för Rättvisa (Center for Justice).

Centrum för rättvisa (Center for Justice) stands up for the individual by driving important cases of principle in court and participating in the debate. They act independently of political parties or interest groups and they help people free of charge.

BRIS assists vulnerable children and young people with advice and support, and helps this group to engage in dialogue with adults. BRIS focuses on the childrens’ perspective and sees children and young people as their clients.

Board of directors

Graz Sweden AB proudly presents the members of its board.

Per Rinder

Chairman of the Board

Per Rinder is an experienced member of several high-profile boards. Mr. Rinder’s previous posts include Senior Advisor for Sjätte AP-Fonden and Head of AP Fund Investments.

Daniel Eriksson

Board member

Daniel Eriksson is a seasoned expert in the insurance industry. Mr. Eriksson’s previous experience include positions as Executive Vice President and Head of Products at Folksam as well as other line management and consulting roles within banking and financial markets.

Jonas Olsson


Jonas Olsson is the CEO of Graz Sweden AB.


Our certifications range from the highest credit ratings and software certifications to quality and safety standards.

Highest credit rating according to D&B

Graz Sweden AB has a AAA rating, which signifies the highest creditworthiness according to the Soliditet evaluation system. The assessment of AAA is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters and indicates that key figures are significantly above the industry average.

Highest credit rating according to UC

Graz Sweden AB has the highest credit rating according to UC Risk, with a risk forecast of 0.05% and grade 5, where 5 represents the lowest risk. Less than 0,5% of Swedish companies have a lower risk forecast.

UC is the Swedish market leader in credit information and is owned by the seven largest banks in Sweden.

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