Businesses are getting ready for hybrid multi-cloud, but what about their data?

According to IBM, the next five years will see many businesses moving to hybrid multi-cloud: an infrastructure approach that matches each workload in the corporate IT environment to the optimal platform.

The goal? Avoid the risk of lock-in to a single cloud vendor, while taking full advantage of all the proprietary cloud-native technologies available on the market.

In a recent executive roundtable, IBM cautioned businesses against building their hybrid multi-cloud strategy in isolation, and instead advised them to align their approach with their data governance strategy, application modernisation strategy, and mobile strategy.

All these strategic elements have one important thing in common: data. To realise the promise of hybrid multi-cloud, businesses should ensure they have an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that allows them to manage all their data endpoints in a secure, centralised, and efficient way.

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