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Whether you’re looking to integrate financial data or migrate platforms, we can minimize risk and help you quickly make the jump.

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Data Optimization

Innovative Data Integration: Streamlining Financial Operations with Expert Solutions

Our expertise in data warehousing has led to the development of proprietary solutions, enhancing migration and integration efficiency for the financial sector. We specialize in handling large data volumes and complexity, offering tools that minimize risk and accelerate processes. Our comprehensive approach covers risk minimization, leveraging Graz's data expertise, and simplifying integration with No Code solutions.

Minimizing Risk

Migration and integration from is a suite of proven tools that can help financial institutions and investment management organizations to integrate and transform data from various sources and formats, and migrate platforms with minimal risk and faster speed.

Leveraging Data Expertise in Finance

Migration and integration at Graz leverages the extensive data warehouse experience of Graz, a reputable provider for financial institutions in the Nordic region, and its proprietary solutions Hinc and IDX, which are pre-configured and scalable for the financial industry.

No Code Data Integration

Migration and integration using a No Code platform simplifies data connection and transformation for financial institutions. It enables easy migration without coding, reducing complexity, cost, and time. This approach lets customers focus on core business and reporting.
Hinc overview

Pre-configured for the financial industry

Hinc is pre-configured for the financial industry, allowing simultaneous analysis and reporting of data from multiple data sources. The pre-defined and configured data model interfaces to standard systems, providing auditability, security, authorization control and data verification.

Migrate faster with minimal risk

Using existing tools means that we can minimize risk and shorten the time to completion. Using our proprietary data migration solutions, we can generally do it in substantially faster than if we had to start from scratch.

Large scale data migration

Our solutions are extremely scalable. Even if your current systems hold millions of accounts and need to process hundreds of millions of transactions in a day, our migration solutions will scale to handle it.

Experience pays off

After 15 years in fintech, we have overseen a number of major migration and integration projects at some of the biggest banks and other financial enterprises in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This proven track record along with solid references means you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


The largest fund management firm in the Nordic region wanted to maintain its leading position in the Swedish marketplace by deepening its business insight. Find out how they improved the visibility of their business data, got real time KPIs and cut workloads by 80%.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about IDX and its implementation.

IDX is a no-code data integration platform that simplifies the process of extracting and utilizing data from various systems. It’s designed to help companies easily populate BI solutions or databases like Snowflake without needing extensive coding knowledge. 

IDX is user-friendly and can be used by anyone in your organization, regardless of their technical background. It’s perfect for business analysts, data scientists, and anyone who needs to work with data but doesn’t want to deal with complex coding. 

IDX works by providing a simple interface where users can connect to different data sources, extract the necessary data, and then use it as needed. The platform handles all the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on the data itself. 

IDX stands out because it’s a no-code solution that’s both powerful and easy to use. It allows for quick data extraction and integration, ensuring that your data is ready when you need it, without the usual complexities of data sourcing. 

Yes, IDX is built to scale with your business. It can handle large volumes of data efficiently, making it suitable for both small projects and enterprise-level data management. 

Absolutely. IDX prioritizes data security, ensuring that your information is protected throughout the integration process. 

You can start using IDX almost immediately. The platform’s intuitive design means there’s a minimal learning curve, so you and your team can begin integrating data right away. 

By reducing the need for specialized data personnel and minimizing errors, IDX saves time and money. It also allows for faster decision-making and increased productivity, leading to a better bottom line for your company. 

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