Öhman Completes Implementation of Graz’s Hinc Data Warehouse for Legal and Financial Reporting

Graz Sweden AB announced today that Öhman, a $10 billion institutional asset manager and private bank, has completed implementation of Graz’s Hinc data warehouse.

Öhman, which recently acquired Den Norske Bank’s (DNB) Swedish asset-management business, selected Hinc primarily for its powerful client-data reporting engine, which could easily address the needs of the newly added DNB customers as well as Öhman’s existing clients. Also of interest to Öhman was Hinc’s modular nature, which makes it simple and cost-effective to add new capabilities and services, such as fund reporting.

Results from the Hinc implementation have been positive and immediate. Öhman’s client reporting improved from twelfth best to second best nationally, according to the latest Prospera ranking of institutional financial managers.

“The Öhman use-case is the perfect example of the power of the Hinc data warehouse, where time to market and financial-data specialization is critical” said Graz founder and CEO Jonas Olsson.

“Contingent to the successful completion of Öhman’s DNB acquisition was the complete and successful migration of its clients within six months. In this short period of time, we integrated 10 years of legacy DNB customer data, with that of Öhman’s existing customer base. Also required was the ability to replicate a client-reporting model that DNB had spent many years perfecting.”

In addition to its speed and flexibility, Öhman selected Hinc for its ability to act as a foundational building block for all future financial, regulatory and customer-reporting needs.

“We are pleased with the rapid implementation and robust capabilities allowed for by Graz’s Hinc data warehouse,” said Lars Melander, CEO, Öhman Fonder AB.
“But more than that, we are excited at its potential as a platform on which to transform analytical and reporting capabilities throughout our organization.”

For more information, please contact:

Graz Sweden AB

Jonas Olsson, CEO

+46 8 650 34 00, +46 (0) 704 493 006


More information is available at www.graz.se/press-sverige

About Graz

Graz Sweden AB is a data warehouse software provider for clients within the financial industry. The company’s flagship data warehouse product, Hinc, is specialized in reporting and analysis for authorities’ reporting, business intelligence, risk and portfolio replication, among other things. Today, the company serves four clients and its system is used by approximately 120 banks and 13 insurance companies. The system can be used as a local installation or as a cloud service.

About Öhman

Ӧhman is a family-owned business that supports its clients with asset management, private banking and fund management. The company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Luxembourg.

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