OS Licensing requirements for SAP HANA Express Edition (HXE)

SAP HANA Express Edition (HXE) is a scaled-down version of SAP HANA that runs on smaller hosts and cloud-hosted virtual machines. SAP HANA Express uses in-memory technology to accelerate your data processing cycle by combining memory with intelligence at the core of your applications.

HXE is designed to run on Linux based systems, you cannot run HXE on a Windows based setup. HXE can be installed on Intel x86 and IBM power-based systems (RedHat Linux and SUSE Linux). SAP recommends that you run HXE on SUSE but it will run on other distros as well but with limited support from SAP.

At the time of this writing the following conditions will apply

  • SUSE version: You can use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) but only for the free 32GB version of HXE. If you want to run the 64GB-128GB versions (paid) of HXE, you have to use “SLES for SAP Applications”
  • Hyper-V: Both SLES and SLES for SAP Applications can installed on Hyper-V
  • SUSE License: A typical SUSE business license will be for 1-2 sockets OR 1-2 virtual machines. This means that if you want to install a SUSE WM on a SUSE host you need two (2) licenses, one for the host and one for the WM (with one WM license unused).

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