IT-bolaget Graz Sweden AB rekryterar tidigare digitaliseringsministern Khashayar Farmanbar som strategisk rådgivare

Förbättrad dataintegration och dataförsörjning är avgörande för att svenska företag och offentliga organisationer skall lyckas med AI och digitalisering. Stockholm, Sverige, 2024-04-11: Graz Sweden AB, ett SaaS bolag inom dataintegration och säkra ISO-betalningar, meddelar under dagen att Khashayar Farmanbar blir strategisk rådgivare till bolaget. – Vi är mycket glada över att välkomna Khashayar Farmanbar som […]

Why data integration could make or break your merger

Mergers and acquisitions can unlock powerful synergies between complementary business models: enhancing services and accelerating growth. However, unlocking these benefits first requires the knitting together of a wide range of business systems—many of which were developed long before today’s cloud-native solutions. Given the sheer number of different stakeholders, data endpoints, information systems and business processes, […]

How data integration can help you to truly understand your customers

More than ever, consumers expect responsive services that are tailored to their specific needs. To deliver a personalized experience, businesses must analyze numerous data points: past purchases, communications histories, buying preferences and more. Performing this analysis at speed and scale is essential to create a 360-degree customer view and determine the next-best offer—but in many […]

How can you offer your customers a smooth path to cloud?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, businesses around the world have accelerated their move to cloud—and as of 2022, an estimated 67% of businesses are running core infrastructure on cloud platforms. Migrating to the cloud can offer a wide range of advantages, including faster customer onboarding, reduced costs and improved operational efficiency. To keep […]

Could your approach to data integration be stifling business growth?

Data is the fuel that powers modern business. But if this vital resource is scattered in silos across the enterprise, then extracting the insights required to build a holistic view of your operations can be a time-consuming process: reducing agility and stifling growth. In 2022, there’s never been a greater need for businesses to understand […]

What is SAP Business Network?

Graz explains the latest announcement from SAP, and the potential benefits for businesses. At SAP SAPPHIRE Now 2021, SAP announced a brand-new offering that promises to transform the way enterprises around the world do business: SAP Business Network. But what is SAP Business Network, and what are the potential benefits? Simply put, SAP Business Network […]

Businesses are getting ready for hybrid multi-cloud, but what about their data?

According to IBM, the next five years will see many businesses moving to hybrid multi-cloud: an infrastructure approach that matches each workload in the corporate IT environment to the optimal platform. The goal? Avoid the risk of lock-in to a single cloud vendor, while taking full advantage of all the proprietary cloud-native technologies available on […]

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