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Working at Graz as a developer

Graz develops and markets a standardized data warehouse for the financial industry. Our core customers are very large asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions. We have several of the largest financial institutions in the nordics as our clients. We have a very strong financial position.

Technology & working environment

We have a creative environment with very, very skilled coders. 95% of our work is done using .NET and MS SQL. You need to be good at designing good code that’s easy to follow, we work with extremely large and complex data sets and there is very rarely room for programming around the actual problem. Almost all assignments will be done in-house and you will be expected to do the design as well as implementing your solution as an enterprise grade product.

Problem Solving

Solving problems is something you need to really enjoy (because you’re going to do a lot of it). All of our current developers have had coding as a hobby since high school or earlier.

Working hours

We have pretty flexible working hours, most of us come in around 9-10. Unless something completely unexpected happens, nobody is expected to work overtime. If you do, you will get additional pay.

The turnover is very low, the average employment duration for developers is 10-15 years.

Do you want to impress us?

If you want to impress you future employer, solve the attached assignment (swedish only) and send us the source code of your elegant solution. If you solve this problem properly you will get our attention. Good luck!

Jonas Olsson

CEO & Founder

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